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Each year Imaan Healthcare gathers feedback from its trainees to help further develop the programme. Furthermore, whereas some pharmacy placements use no training programmes and some use one, Imaan Healthcare uses TWO training providers, Buttercups and GreenLife Pharma, to deliver a comprehensive experience. More details are given in the training section below.

Our training programme will prepare you for the clinical and numeracy aspects of the GPhC assessment. However, we strongly believe that laying the foundations of your career are equally important, if not more so. Therefore, we take a holistic approach to your training and focus on skills required both pre and post qualification, thus producing high calibre professionals. This includes optional training in areas such as pharmacy economics, business, management and leadership. Crucially, despite the high standards we set our pre-registration trainees throughout the year, we have gained an excellent reputation for producing a warm and welcoming learning environment, described by many trainees as being like a supportive family. The testimonials section below attests to this (make sure to hit the “Another Testimonial” button at the bottom of the page to read all the reviews).

Imaan Healthcare works closely with a number of university schools of pharmacy and NHS Health Education England to help develop policies, degree course structure and improve student employability. Our activities include:

  • NHS HEE North West Pharmacy Workforce Development Group – Community pharmacy representative.
  • University of Manchester – Installation of Imaan Healthcare mock pharmacy for consultation skills training.
  • University of Manchester – Pre-registration preparation workshop for final year students.
  • University of Manchester – Community Pharmacy Placement steering group.
  • Liverpool John Moores University Employability Forum – Community pharmacy representative.
  • University of Keele – Community placement adviser and partner.

Your training will be structured as follows:

  • Enrolment onto the RPS accredited Buttercups Pre-registration Programme
  • Online webinars in small groups
  • GreenLife Pharma professional development programme
  • Protected daily / weekly study time
  • Online BNF quizzes and modules
  • Trainee-led revision days
  • Cross-sector and inter-branch placements (optional)

More details of the Buttercups Pre-registration Programme can be found by clicking the following link: www.buttercupstraining.co.uk

Another highlight of training with Imaan Healthcare is the support network. This ensures you are supported clinically, professionally and emotionally. At no point of the year will you feel isolated as there will always be someone on hand to support you. The Imaan Healthcare Pre-registration Network consists of:

  1. Your personal tutor who you will see every day.
  2. The pre-registration training lead, Khalid Khan, who supervises both trainees and tutors.
  3. Buttercups regional and central trainers.
  4. Online pre-registration support group. *
  5. Post qualification pharmacist support group.

*The online pre-registration support group consists of all the trainees within the company plus experienced pharmacists. Learning resources, calculations and updates are shared on the group as well as clinical dilemmas you all face on a daily basis in your pharmacies. This allows you to learn from each other’s experiences as well as your own.    The whole programme is overseen by Khalid Khan who is the Head of Training and Professional Standards at Imaan Healthcare. His commitment to training and quality is widely recognised and he sits on advisory panels for NHS Health Education England, University of Manchester, Liverpool John Moores University and Keele University. He is also a guest lecturer at the University of Manchester School of Pharmacy, specialising in preparing students for their Pre-registration year.

Imaan Healthcare has a track record for producing pharmacists of the highest calibre. Our achievements include:

  • 100% pass rate for our 32 trainees in June 2016.
  • Former trainee, Daniel Jones, winning the Buttercups National Pre-registration Trainee of the Year award.
  • Craig Whitelock-Wainwright, another of our former trainees, being the youngest ever pharmacist to be appointed as a GPhC Inspector after being qualified for only 3 years.
  • For trainees Craig Whitelock-Wainwright and Salma Hamza-Aly both going on to win Imaan Healthcare Pharmacist of the Year awards post qualification.
  • Gavin Cheema becoming an ambassador for Pharmacist Support during his training year.

More details of the aforementioned trainees can be seen in the case studies below.

Our policy is always to promote from within regardless of age or experience. A number of our graduates have been fast tracked to management immediately upon qualifying. Our pharmacists now work in diverse settings including community, hospital, GP practice, academia and ambassadorial roles. Imaan Healthcare also offer the potential for pharmacy business partnerships and franchises.

Imaan Healthcare has been involved in the consultation, development and testing process of Oriel, the new NHS-approved centralised recruitment platform. Therefore, all applications for our vacancies will be processed through Oriel. It is strongly recommended you preference Imaan Healthcare towards the top of your list to avoid disappointment as we typically receive over 300 applications each year. For more information regarding Oriel please visit: https://www.lasepharmacy.hee.nhs.uk/national-recruitment/


North West

Brunshaw Pharmacy

6 Brownside Road


BB10 3JU


Broadheath Pharmacy   (Ideal for trainee with little / no pharmacy experience)

70 Manchester Road


WA14 4PJ


Imaan Pharmacy | Werneth

116 Oxford Street

Werneth, Oldham



Cathedral Pharmacy

98 Cathedral Road

Chadderton, Oldham



Townfield Pharmacy

Townfield Close

Wirral, Liverpool

CH43 9JW


Hale Village Pharmacy

3 Ivy Farm Court

Hale Village, Liverpool

L24 4AG


Wesham Pharmacy

22 Station Road

Wesham, Preston



Slyne Pharmacy

2 Manor Road

Slyne, Lancaster



Imaan Pharmacy | Grimsargh

136 Preston Road

Grimsargh, Preston





North East

Saltburn Pharmacy

6 Station Street

Saltburn-by-the Sea

TS12 1AE





Chequerfield Pharmacy

1 The Circle

Pontefract, West Yorkshire



Imaan Pharmacy | Harehills

262-264 Harehills lane




Rehman Pharmacy    (High Punjabi speaking population, trainee will have to be fluent in Punjabi to gain maximum benefit from this training site)

238 Whetley Lane






North Wales / Chester

Penyffordd Pharmacy

1 Vounog Hill

Penyffordd, Chester



Greenfield Pharmacy

7 New Shop Parade, Greenfield Road

Greenfield, Holywell






Tupton Pharmacy

Unit 2 Green Lane

Tupton, Chesterfield

S42 6BH


Imaan Pharmacy | Clarence Road    (High Urdu / Punjabi speaking population, trainee will have to be fluent in these languages to gain maximum benefit from this training site)

68 Clarence Road


DE23 6LQ


Nabbs Lane Pharmacy

63 Nabbs Lane

Hucknall, Nottingham

NG15 6NT




South East

Imaan Pharmacy | Pebsham

Seabourne Court, Seabourne Road

Bexhill on Sea

TN40 2SW


Leybourne Pharmacy

9 Leybourne Parade



National Pre-registration Trainee of the Year Following a successful year supporting over 500 pre-registration trainee pharmacists, Buttercups awarded the Pre-registration Trainee of the Year award to our very own Daniel Jones, who completed his pre-registration year at Imaan Healthcare. “At Imaan Healthcare as a pre-reg you are taught from day one to make the happiness of the patient the cornerstone of everything you do. For me, my year as a pre-registration pharmacist was all about taking opportunities to become the best newly qualified pharmacist I could be. Luckily for me my aim was also Imaan’s aim, to help me” Daniel Jones

Youngest Ever GPhC Inspector In August 2016 Craig Whitelock-Wainwright was appointed as an Inspector by the GPhC, only 3 years after qualifying. Craig did his pre-registration year with Imaan Healthcare in 2013, he was encouraged by the company to apply for the role at the GPhC due to the outstanding potential he displayed throughout his young career. His appointment at such a young age is truly remarkable yet fully deserved. “A wonderful company who go out of their way to give you a range of experiences and a support network that is second to none.” Craig Whitelock-Wainwright

Ambassador for Pharmacist Support Pharmacist Support is an independent charity working for pharmacists and their families, former pharmacists and pharmacy students to provide help and support in times of need. In 2017, during his pre-registration year, Gavin Cheema was appointed as an ambassador for the charity. Displaying this level of maturity, responsibility and empathy towards his fellow professionals, so early on in his career, with a stressful exam on the horizon demonstrated exceptional character.

If you have any questions please direct them to:

Khalid Khan


Daniel Jones

Macclesfield Hospital

“At Imaan Healthcare as a pre-reg you are taught from day one to make the happiness of the patient the cornerstone of everything you do. For me, my year as a pre-registration pharmacist was all about taking opportunities to become the best newly qualified pharmacist I could be. Luckily for me my aim was also Imaan’s aim, to help me”

Craig Whitelock-Wainwright

GPhC Inspector, Pharmacist of the Year Winner. Trained at Orford Pharmacy, Warrington

“A wonderful company who go out of their way to give you a range of experiences and a support network that is second to none.”

Thomas Acey

Trained at Orford Pharmacy, Warrington. Imaan Healthcare

“At Imaan Healthcare you aren't treated like just another pre-reg - you are encouraged to develop relationships with managers and colleagues on a personal level, and your tutor takes an active interest in your progress throughout the year. The overwhelming feeling is of a company that cares genuinely about its staff and remains loyal to those who meet their high standards.”

Salma Hamza-Aly

Pharmacy Manager, Orford Pharmacy. Trained at Orford Pharmacy, Warrington. Pharmacist of the Year Winner

"The expectation of being a fully equipped pharmacist by the end of just one year can be daunting. However the training I gained with Imaan Healthcare made the transition from a student to a professional easily achievable; preparing me for all aspects of community pharmacy. Plenty of opportunities were given to me to widen my experience beyond the daily routine of the pharmacy and my tutor inspired me to go above and beyond so that I could develop to my full potential. I was anxious about my limited work experience prior to starting but grew in confidence quickly with the encouragement of my tutor and the great support I had from the team I worked with. The support and friendships you form with Imaan Healthcare are not just for a year but they are for life."

Sajad Shah

Imaan Healthcare

“I am so glad I chose Imaan Healthcare as my pre-reg company. From day one, they made me feel welcome and part of the company. Imaan Healthcare has a family feel to it as opposed to the other corporate chains. It’s like a big family, where everyone wants the best for you and will do everything to help you succeed. I would be a very happy person if I remained with Imaan Healthcare throughout my pharmacy career. Khalid was amazing. I always felt I could turn to Khalid whenever I had a problem. He acted as a father figure, looking after us all, which made it really easy to talk to him.”

Emily Maksoud

"Imaan Healthcare have made me realise why I followed the right path by not entering a big corporate pharmacy business. It’s a personal environment where the pre-reg’s are known individually and we feel valued both by head office and in our pharmacies. Khalid was always so kind and approachable and I’m very grateful for how I have been supported by him. Study days were envied by our peers with other companies and the end of year meal is an event I’m always going to try and attend!"

Haval Aziz

Trained at Cathedral Pharmacy, Oldham. Imaan Healthcare

“From the very first meeting with the rest of the pre-reg students and all the members of staff, you would get the sense of forming a family bond, where everyone is there to help each other to achieve their future goals. The company provide everything required in every aspect of the pre-reg year ensuring you enjoy your time, learn and grow to become an outstanding pharmacist. Thank you for everything.”

Samaiya Qureshi-Hussain

Trained at Rehman Pharmacy, Bradford. Imaan Healthcare

"I have really enjoyed being part of a group of pre-regs. I feel we have bonded and are really helping each other out. We are quite close-knit with a good family feel to it, organising our own sessions and having our own Whatsapp group really helped. I would highly recommend working with Imaan Healthcare under their pre-reg programme. Not only do you feel like a part of the team with the other pre-reg students but all of the pharmacists in the company are happy to help with any questions you have. Imaan Healthcare is a growing company always looking to improve and enhance their services; as a training pharmacist it’s helpful to see this kind of process and worth ethic to continuously
push you to perform better and encourage personal development."

Lucy Robins

"A friendly and welcoming company to work for, where all members of staff are very welcoming and approachable. From day one, you are made to feel part of the team with the professional but relaxed atmosphere. As a pre-reg you are given the utmost support and really get the feeling that everyone is willing you to do well and succeed. Felt very supported and really enjoyed the times all pre-regs are together as it helps with revision techniques etc. I was shocked at how much as pre-regs, we have been welcomed into the company. You are made to feel like a vital part of Imaan Healthcare and the family like persona it takes on."

Qasifa Noray

Trained at Brunshaw Pharmacy, Burnley. Imaan Healthcare

“The support given to me from Imaan Healthcare was fantastic. They provide a well-structured pre-registration programme and by the end of the 52 week placement you are guaranteed to feel much more confident working in a community pharmacy.”

Saquib Rahman

Pharmacy Manager, Greenfield Pharmacy. Trained at Orford Pharmacy, Warrington. Imaan Healthcare

“Imaan Healthcare offered me a managerial position as soon as I qualified, which I accepted. The excellent guidance I received during the pre-registration year enabled a seamless transition from trainee to pharmacist and manager.”

Michael Moran

Trained at Hale Village Pharmacy, Hale Village. Imaan Healthcare

"Imaan Healthcare is made up of helpful tutors, friendly staff and excellent resources which will help you greatly when it comes to passing the pre-reg exam."

Aisha Farooq

Trained at Brunshaw Pharmacy, Burnley. Imaan Healthcare

"Imaan Healthcare is a company where you are valued as an individual and not just a number. The training and support available is fantastic. My tutor got me involved in every aspect within the pharmacy and he pushed me to excel, which in retrospect has developed both my professional and clinical competence. Thank you for all your help!"

Michael Ng

Trained at Slyne Pharmacy, Lancaster. Imaan Healthcare

"I was really nervous about starting my pre-reg due to my lack of work experience, however my tutor and the company were very welcoming. I got to spend a lot of time with my tutor which meant any questions I had could be answered ASAP. I really appreciate the opportunity that I was given by Imaan Healthcare and I hope this has shown in my work ethic. From the initial interview, to this date, the company has been amazing."

Sieneen Al-Ausi

"A fantastic experience and a great team to work for, the company are very considerate and flexible. The training is fantastic and my tutor was great, giving me lots of encouragement and information, as well as pushing me to be the best I can be. I have gained so much experience and would love to have a job with the company in the near future."

Helen Smith

Trained at Townfield Pharmacy, Wirral. Imaan Healthcare

"Fast-paced pre-reg with lots to learn from every day. Great training scheme which covers all aspects of pharmacy and fully prepared me for my pre-registration exam."

Omar Noori

“Very enjoyable, very flexible, learnt all aspects of being a pharmacist and running a pharmacy.”

Asjad Ajaz

Trained at Broadheath Pharmacy, Altrincham. Imaan Healthcare

“I felt valued and important within the company and branch I worked at. The company has listened to our suggestions and have done their best to help me as a pre-reg. Fantastic support from head office.”

Azhar Younus

Trained at Orford Pharmacy, Warrington. Imaan Healthcare

“My pre-registration year at Imaan Healthcare was an enjoyable experience with many positives. An experienced tutor and a welcoming atmosphere enabled me to successfully pass my exam first time and also become a competent pharmacist.”

Another Testimonial