Co-operative purchasing scheme

Bespoke procurement deals

Monthly generics tendering scheme with a wide range of wholesalers

Access to group procurement deals for non-medicinal products and equipment

Strong working relationships with multiple suppliers

Negotiating prices, discounts and payment terms with the suppliers

Procurement on time and as per demand

Access to all procurement deals for all dispensary, consumable and retail lines, where the best margin is provided to all branches, including:



Maintenance of branch staffing levels

Planning and maintenance of pharmacist operational resources for all sites

Recruitment of locums for long term and emergency bookings

Support with KPI’s to achieve prescription, retail and clinical service growth

Maintenance of stock levels to ensure availability of products

Provision of a full suite of standard operating procedures to achieve full compliance

Minimizing stock loss due to expiry, damage, theft or shrinkage

Development and implementation of new procedures brought about by changes in regulation, funding and good practice

Opening of new pharmacies with detailed implementation plans to commence service from agreed dates

Growth and development of branch P&Ls

Generation of performance reports

Bespoke branch growth and service development business plans

Maintaining necessary registrations, documentation and procedures to comply with the laws of the country and drug regulatory authorities

Support for clinical governance audits

Audit management for dispensing errors and near misses

Contract negotiation and implementation of associated services such as waste management, security, utilities, premises management etc.

Business Development

Proactively leading the marketing in terms of new products and developments in medicines and technology that is applicable to your target demographic

Development and implementation of NHS PGD services for patients with full support with training, certification, roll out, payments, and procurement

Implementation of commissioned services to drive delivery and growth with marketing support

Development and implementation of private paid services for patients

Tendering for commissioned services

Development of relocation and new pharmacy set ups in medical centres and other preferred locations

Tendering for NHS secondary care commissioned services

Development of new income channels for branches to develop each branch P&L


Set up of MHRA and WDL licenses

Opening new accounts with mainline and short line wholesalers with fully managed spends

Pre MHRA inspection visits and attendance at time MHRA visits (extra fees applicable)

Maintenance and guidance to each branch and staff regarding necessary MHRA regulatory requirements and standard operating procedures for branch wholesale dealer’s licenses


Maintenance of training requirements for all staff

Contract set up for all new starter employees

Maintenance of payroll procedures

Advice and management of disciplinary procedures

Performance management of staff


Pre-reg pharmacist recruitment

Pre-reg training in association with Buttercups

Pre-reg training events

Recruitment of branch pharmacist managers and staff

Supply of emergency branch staff


Generating demand through marketing and promotions

Supporting all new and existing initiatives

Maintenance of customer facing branch websites

Maintenance of social media posts to generate awareness and increase accessibility to branches

Local activity involvement to drive footfall and awareness

Finance and Accounts

Managing branch cashflow with an understanding of costs, revenue, profit and loss

Management of all invoice payments

Monthly bookkeeping

VAT returns

Generation of branch P&Ls and management reports

End of year business accounts